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How To Make Simple Kickass Nacho Cheese Dip

January 8, 2014

During the holidays it’s not uncommon to end up with a pile of spare cheese. This might also be an issue any time of year if you’ve had guests over for dinner and served a cheese board or if you hit a really amazing sale and maxed out on cheeses.

When I end up with a lot of different odds and ends of cheese in my fridge I will often consolidate them and make a nacho cheese dip.

I first saw this done on an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown made fondue goo with a bunch of leftover cheese ends. The main difference in mine is that I add in a jar of salsa to give it some zing.

Below I’ve outlined the really easy process that I follow to make my nacho cheese dip.

dip cheeses


At least 2 cups of grated cheese
1 jar of salsa
Splash of milk (optional)

dip 1

First gather ye cheeses and grate the ones that are grateable then chop the ones that aren’t, and put all of the cheesy bits into a saucepan.

dip 2

Add in a jar of salsa, and if you feel that you absolutely must have more moisture you can add up to a tablespoon of milk to the mix. Be warned though, you probably don’t need any milk.

dip 3

On a medium heat melt everything together, stirring frequently.

dip 4

This may take a while depending on how much cheese you’re melting down but it’s worth the wait. Restrain yourself from turning up the heat too much because if the cheese starts to burn the whole dip is ruined.

dip 5

Once everything is sufficiently gooey serve it hot with some tortilla chips!

dip 6

Alternatively, you can use the goo to make some wonderful chicken quesadillas by combining the cheese with some chopped cooked chicken then spreading the mixture on half of a tortilla. Just fold it over and bake it in the oven or put it in a pannini press until it’s nicely toasted.

dip 7


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