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Simple Home Made Chicken Soup

November 15, 2013

Every Wednesday I buy a whole small chicken from Aldi for £2.99. Typically I cook it on the Friday and the meat becomes one of a variety of dinner options between Friday and Monday. Sometimes, I admit the chicken just turns into munching fodder for 4 days because the 3 of us really love cold chicken.

Today as I was carefully pulling the carcass apart to separate all the meat from the bones, I became very much aware that I was losing feeling in my toes due to my lack of socks and the floor being absolutely freezing.

I thought to myself… It’s a chicken soup kind of day.


The first time I ever tried to make chicken soup was an absolute disaster because I was 19 and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I put a bunch of chicken in a slow cooker with some water and some stock cubes. It smelled glorious but unfortunately it tasted like chicken floating in grease water. After that semi-traumatic event, I gave up making soup for about 5 years. Thankfully within those 5 years I got married to a man who knew how to make some pretty amazing soup and I have learned a lot about soup since then.



Cooking sherry


Large onion


Rice (I prefer Basmati)

Cracked black pepper


I prefer to precook my chicken and then add it to the soup last, however you can also chop up raw chicken breast and boil it in the stock to basically poach it until it’s cooked through.

I’m going to write this out assuming the chicken has been pre-cooked.

1. Fill your chosen pot 3/4 with chicken stock.

2. Carefully grate peeled carrot with a cheese grater (as much as you like). It’s important to note that you want to do this carefully as it will go very quickly… I once got careless with a cheese grater and, well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. As a result I typically make my husband do the grating but today I manned up and did it myself.

3. Chop the onion. Finely or coarsely doesn’t really matter, it’s your soup, your preference.

4. Toss the onion and carrot in the pot with a small handful of rice (2 or 3 tablespoons max), some cracked black pepper and a shot of cooking sherry.


5. Boil the soup until the onions go translucent and are extremely soft. The rice will also be quite cooked by this point.

6. Top the water up to compensate for what has boiled away and then taste the broth. Add in additional stock cubes or seasoning as required.

7. Chop the chicken into bite sized chunks and add it in last. Turn the heat down to a simmer. If you simmer the chicken in the broth for too long it’s likely to fall apart and then you’ll have chicken strings so I usually add it in 10 mins max before shutting off the burner.

And that’s it… Enjoy! 

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