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Crabbies Recipe

October 27, 2013

I was shopping in Dobbies yesterday and despite my best efforts to not be sucked into Christmas before Halloween, I yielded to the cinnamon scented pine cone festiveness and now I want some Crabbies.

Crabbies  are a finger food, typically served as an appetizer and they have always been a part of my life because they were (and still are) made once a year traditionally on Christmas eve, eagerly anticipated by all the family.

Now that I live in Scotland, far away from my family I need to uphold my traditions on my own or lose them, and losing Crabbies simply is not an option. Traditions are far too precious (and sometimes delicious) to let go of.

Since I was no longer able to find the cheese (Old English, ironically) that I would use to make them based on my aunt’s method, I needed to work out how to make my own using readily available ingredients.

Below I have outlined exactly what I do to make these simple, delicious nuggets of cheesy deliciousness.


1 Tin of crab meat (tuna sized)

1/2 cup some sort of gooey processed cheese spread (cathedral city works nicely – UK)

Grated orange cheese (cheddar or red Leicester)

English Muffins

Pinch of garlic granules (optional)


1. In a small saucepan combine crab meat, cheese goo and garlic then melt on a medium heat.

2. Once mixture is sufficiently warm start adding grated cheese until the mixture becomes very thick (yet still spreadable)

3. Toast English muffin halves until they’re very crunchy but not burned

4. Spread cheesy crab mixture

5. Broil until bubbly

6. Cut into quarters and serve


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