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Assembling Our Sci-Fi Themed Nursery

October 13, 2013

Both my husband and I are big Science Fiction fans, and when it came time to decorate our nursery we were in absolute agreement that a Science Fiction theme was the way to go, regardless of the gender of our baby.

Baby room fads are extremely fickle. Space ships and aliens weren’t exactly in, in 2012 and finding anything that is space themed as well as gender neutral is extremely challenging (especially in the UK) so I needed to be inventive, and boy did I have fun with it!

Below I have outlined all of the elements that came together to make our little girl’s nursery. The Science Fiction theme isn’t overwhelming but it is consistent and hopefully this page will serve to inspire many more Sci-fi themed bedrooms!

sci fi nursery 1

This is a 2 foot tall lava lamp (thank you Amazon)… to cut straight through to the story about how we came to own an enormous, overpriced lava lamp I’ll just summarize by saying that my husband had far too much money burning a hole in his pocket.

We had the lamp for about 5 years before our daughter was born and when we moved into our current house, three years before our daughter was born it went straight into the nursery because there really wasn’t a place for it anywhere else.

Little did we know, we would be building an entire room around the thing because it was just the right sort of inspiration we needed to get going when the time came!

When the lamp is turned on the wax inside is green, very similar in hue to the color we chose to paint the walls. My favorite color is green and my husband’s favorite color is purple. These colors combined with the blue water inside and the brushed chrome of the base made for a perfect Science Fiction palate.
The fact that the wax looks like a jarred alien tentacle monster when it’s heating up is just a really happy bonus!

sci fi nursery 2

We decided to go bright and bold because this is a special room.

It’s our daughter’s individual space, her own corner of the world. There is no reason for it to fit in with the rest of the house.

We own our home and we don’t intend to sell it any time soon so we decided to throw caution to the wind and do something different, much to the shock and horror of our family and friends. (at first)

The color in the photo above is fairly accurate. It’s not just green… it’s GREEN! In fact it’s Indian Ivy 4 by Dulux…

Originally the walls were blue and it wasn’t a nice blue either, I found it to be quite flat and harsh. By changing the color to something very bright we made the fairly small room look twice as big.

The radiator was painted an eggshell color which was discolored and chipped in places so we needed to do something about it. Luckily you can purchase radiator spray paint which is heat proof and it comes in a silver brushed chrome color!

The only other big thing that we needed to do with the walls was to replace the light fixture in the photo above. (the tiny thing above the zebra) Before we installed the lovely little up-lighter you see in the photo there was a really hideous thing with a cone shaped shade that pointed dowanward. I am not a fan of having babies stare into light bulbs so we replaced it and the wall just looked so empty that we decided to put up the matching Ikea shelf as well.

sci fi nursery 3

The carpet that was down in the nursery when we moved into our house was blue with pink spots. It was very short, almost like felt, and for some reason the shade of blue just made it look perpetually dirty. I couldn’t rip it out quickly enough.

We went to a local carpet store and found a discounted carpet end cut for a very reasonable price which matched our theme perfectly. It is variegated light and slightly darker grey with metallic threads throughout, so it actually sparkles!

We then covered the wall to wall carpet with a big fluffy, soft rug that we got from Ikea which also matches our theme perfectly with shades of purple and blue. (pictured above)

sci fi nursery 4

Next we move onto the ceiling. Before you paint a ceiling a dark color you MUST consider 2 very important things.

The first is… do you own the house or can you obtain permission for such a bold room alteration because this WILL cost you your security deposit.

The second thing to consider is if the ceiling tall enough to cope with a dark color. If you have quite low ceilings then painting a dark color on them will make the room feel smaller, as if the ceiling is descending.

So I had a smallish room and a high ceiling. It could have gone very badly painting it dark purple however I took a leap of faith and it worked out very well in the end. The brightness of the walls carries them high and then the ceiling caps off the room without making it feel like it’s coming down on top of you.

Unfortunately when I masked off the walls to paint the ceiling a lot of purple paint slipped down under the tape so I improvised and free handed that drippy border all around the room up a ladder at 7 months pregnant in 5 minute increments. It took me weeks but I have to admit, I do like the border very much, it’s one of a kind.

The paint used here is Dulux brand feature wall paint – Purple Pout

I have glow in the dark stars stuck all over the ceiling with gummy white adhesive which won’t damage the paint. The stars I chose to use are all large enough to NOT be a choking hazard if they fall down and there aren’t any applied above the cot. When she is older we can redistribute the stars and put up all of the smaller ones that came in the package that I chose not to use.

Please note that this adhesive, often referred to as blu tack even when white, expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations and it does change in consistency over time as well, so even though the stars do not weigh a lot they can fall down if the room gets too cold or too hot or if the tack is too old so DO keep an eye on them.

sci fi nursery 5

The picture above is composed of several photos stuck together so please pardon the color variation. The ceiling color in this picture is actually the most accurate and you can see more of the border.

Getting furniture to blend into such a colorful room without spending a fortune was challenging but not impossible. The room is also not very large (as mentioned previously) so we had to be careful not to overcrowd it in anticipation of all the toys that would be packed in there.

There are really only three pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

1. A cot
2. A daybed
3. A shelving unit built out of cheap ikea tables

We managed to avoid making space for a dresser because the closet is quite deep so there are drawers inside of it where her clothes are stored. When she outgrows her cot we can put a dresser in its place.

The day bed was from Ikea. It has a brushed chrome frame and it was extremely handy for transitioning our daughter from our bedroom into her own and she’ll eventually grow into it.

Right now it’s really useful when Granny comes over for a sleepover!

sci fi nursery 6

Now you may be wondering how we managed to find a green cot that matches the room so perfectly… the answer is IKEA (Noticing an Ikea theme yet?)

Painting a cot isn’t really a great idea since babies chew on anything and everything, so we were very lucky to find something that tied in so nicely because otherwise we would have probably had to settle for white to stay within budget.

sci fi nursery 7

These 6 tables are from Ikea and we paid five pounds a pop for them. So for 30 pounds plus the tiny cost of the brackets and screws that are bracing them together into one solid piece of furniture we got a very unique alcove shelf thingy which is ideal for storing toys in and under.

I’m sorry this isn’t the best photo ever but the table is currently stocked full of toys so this is just a snapshot taken with my phone from right after we assembled it.

It also provides a high and safe perch for the giant lava lamp!

sci fi nursery 8

I found the roly poly alien and astronaut wall decals at a random shop for 3 pounds a sheet. There were a lot of different ones but when I found these at the bottom of the pile it was like it was meant to be.

I am very weary that they will interfere with the paint on the walls so to avoid sticking them directly to the walls I made up a big canvas (picked up for £3.99) painted with the ceiling paint so that it matches perfectly and then because the stickers weren’t very keen on staying stuck to a canvas which is quite bumpy, I sealed every edge with glow in the dark paint which adds the extra glowing in the dark bonus to the whole feature.

sci fi nursery 9

I also put some decals on the door to the closet and the door to the bedroom.

The last thing I did was I made a name painting for her room. I couldn’t start this painting until after our daughter was born because we hadn’t named her yet, and then it took me 8 months to finally get the time to start it.

I painted it from scratch on a canvas just over two feet long, using the wall decals as inspiration and the ceiling paint as the background so it ties in with everything else perfectly. It has iridescent glitter paint detail and glow in the dark accents.

There is even a coastal city on the big planet that lights up at night!

When I tell people about our nursery the typical reaction is one of complete disgust regarding the unusual color scheme, however everyone who has seen it in person has been thoroughly impressed that we managed to pull it off so successfully.

I am extremely proud of this project.


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