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How To Make The Best Fries You Will Ever Eat

October 12, 2013

Most people will agree that cooking and eating outdoors adds something to the food. Like magic you are able to achieve flavors and textures that you just can’t manage indoors. The fresh air and the open atmosphere just seems to add a new dimension to the whole eating experience.

My husband and I discovered this about fries a couple of years ago. Deep frying fries outside transforms ordinary frying potatoes into the best fries you’ll ever eat. I can’t explain what it is exactly, but when there is a slight chill in the air, eating piping hot, freshly prepared fries outdoors is just amazing. Even when eating them indoors, if the fries were made outside they’re still 100x better than any others I’ve ever had from anywhere.

Below I have outlined the process that we use to make our fries. I’ll admit, it does look like a bit of bother to go to for some fries but try it out sometime, and you’ll understand why it’s such a treat! If you camp regularly you might already have everything you need to try it out.

fries 1

Materials Required: 

Camping burner

Gas tank for camping burner

Pot for frying which is safe to use with camping burner (cast iron is fantastic)

Wire frying spoon to remove fries from oil with with

Frozen fries that are suitable for deep frying

Plenty of oil for frying

A big bowl for the fries to live in

Paper towels for absorbing excess oil (optional)

fries 2

You can gauge the temperature of the oil with a cooking thermometer or by dropping one of the fries in it. Once the oil is up to temp you need to fry them until they’re crisp and then remove them from the oil.

At this stage they won’t be as golden as they could be but if you leave them in there for ages while the oil recovers from the frozen things being tossed into it they’re going to just absorb a ton of grease and they’ll be gross, so the best way to do them is to fry them twice.

fries 3

Sounds silly, I know, but just trust me. This method is also convenient if you’re cooking them with the intention to serve with a meal. The quick second fry will give steaks (for example) a perfect rest period before serving!

After you remove them from the oil, allow the oil to get back up to temp then give them a second fry until they’re golden.

Now they’re ready!

fries 4


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