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Curio Shawl Crochet Pattern

This pattern took me roughly 4 months to put together, test and proof-read, but today it’s finally out there!

Initially I designed the Curio Shawl as an experiment for myself, as I rarely see crochet patterns for clothing that I’d like to wear.

The design process started with some graph paper and a skull, but then I put wings on, and added a long tail which reminded me a bit of a dragonfly or a key. Next I added tendrils as I couldn’t resist. It took me about two weeks to turn the graph paper into a completed crochet shawl, and I wasn’t really sure how my graph would translate to something wearable, but once I saw it finished I was so pleased that I decided that I’d push myself through the process of writing the pattern out in detail.

This is my first attempt selling a pattern on Ravelry ( click here to buy ) and I honestly don’t know what sort of expectations I have, however I am very much looking forward to seeing how it is received and I hope to create another few patterns this year going forward!

(More photos below)

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Playing With Arteza Real Brush Pens

I bought a set of 24 Arteza Real Brush Pens for my birthday back in November 2018.

There was a video advertisement on facebook that attracted me the pens as it was demonstrating the watercolor effects that can be achieved with them. I’ve been in love with watercolors since I was 15 years old, but using them properly requires space I do not have and peace which children do not give me…. So when I saw the pens I thought… “OOOH I could cheat!” and it turns out, I was correct.

However, to use them the way that I wanted to I needed to gather a few new materials and that is why it has taken me until this week to finally try them out.

I’m really happy with the results so far, and below I’ve shared some photos of my completed pieces,  as well as a few step by step pictures detailing my process.  Read more…

2019 Goals… Cause F*ck Resolutions

Ok, I admit that I said it a bit more eloquently in my end of year post of 2017, but yeah, in short, resolutions are ridiculous. Goals are achievable.

Speaking of my 2017 goals… where have I succeeded and where have I fallen short?

(Warning: This is going to be a long winded post) Read more…

3 Way Creative Advent Swap

2 way creative swaps are relatively straight forward and lots of fun, but 3 way swaps aren’t always the easiest things to get your head around.

First you have to come up with a swap that all 3 people are eager to get on board with and all 3 people have to trust each other to complete the swap in such a way that equal amounts of effort and planning are applied, so it’s something that is best to get into with established swap partners rather than strangers.

My friends and I have been talking about coming up with a 3 way swap for over a year. Then in September(ish) when I had all but forgotten that it was something we had thought about, Anna suggested that with Christmas coming up, we do a grown up creative Advent swap!

The way it would work is that each of us would come up with 24 small advent gifts, 12 for each of the other people and each of us would be assigned even and odd numbers for the other two.


Participants: Sarah, Anna, Bel

Sarah sends to Anna (even numbers) and Bel (odd numbers)

Anna sends to Bel (even numbers) and Sarah (odd numbers)

Bel sends to Sarah (even numbers) and Anna (odd numbers) Read more…

Ham Sandwiches And Fear

Gallstones are no joke, but I’ve got to laugh, because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.

I feel discomfort from my broken gallbladder every day, no matter how well I eat. It is just physically and mentally exhausting, and some days it brings me to tears.

My focus since March has been to manage my symptoms, eat enough fat to keep the stones from getting bigger but not enough fat to trigger more discomfort,  and to lose enough weight to get keyhole surgery.

The good news is that the fear of incapacitating pain has been really good at keeping me on track losing weight. I’ve now lost 70lbs in total and still have 30 to go to escape obesity and wander back into the mystical land of “overweight” which I haven’t visited since I was roughly 20 years old. Read more…

Tampon Ghosts

This afternoon I had a fantastic time making tampon ghosts with my craftiest of friends.

I am in Scotland, and they are both in England, nowhere near each other, but when I randomly sent them a photo of a tampon ghost in our group chat, we somehow all produced the materials to make them almost instantly.

The three of us take our crafting pretty seriously, and this isn’t exactly a serious craft, but it was too fun not to share.

We’re just 3 grown women (and one little girl) celebrating Halloween, and womanhood by up-cycling some old tampons that had been in our cupboards for years.

Hope the photos make you smile!

Anna Instagram

Bel Instagram 

Sarah Instagram 

Sarah/Anna Instagram

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Recipe Card Creative Mail Swap

It is no secret that I am a happymail enthusiast. I thoroughly enjoy allowing my imagination to go wild creating and exchanging thoughtful handmade paraphernalia with my closest mail art friends.  My favorite part, now that I have found people who I connect with very well is the way that we feed off of each other’s creativity.

A couple of months ago I had an idea for a swap centred around recipe cards, and my friend, who I’ve been doing mail art exchanges with for a couple of years now was excited to give it a try.

The only rule I laid out for this challenge was that we each did a set of three recipe cards 1 main course, one side dish or starter and 1 dessert.

I absolutely love what we both created (hers more than mine) and below I’ve shared a few photos of both our sets of cards as well as some background and details in the hope that more people might be inspired try this out in the future as it was a lot of fun and there are truly endless creative possibilities.  Read more…

Super Simple, Practical And Basic Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Fingerless gloves are very nice to have in the chilly weather, however I like my clothing on the practical side and couldn’t find a crochet pattern that really spoke to me. Something not pointlessly ornate, too bulky, or too lacy.

So I worked out a pattern for myself and I’m really happy with how they turned out. They are soft, and warm, and like anything handmade, extra, super, wonderfully cosy. I’ve already made about 5 pairs and suspect that I’ll be making even more with Christmas coming up fast.

Below I’ve written out the instructions for anyone else who would like to make a pair!

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Pizza Strips – Delicious Nostalgia

Pizza strips are strips of pizza dough that have been topped with a rich, flavorful tomato sauce and nothing else. They are meant to be eaten at room temperature or chilled rather than hot, and make a great low fat/low calorie, super portable meal or snack anytime.

When most people think of pizza it is nearly impossible for them to imagine it without cheese and a pile of toppings, but have faith, these things are frigging wonderful, especially when they’re made with a homemade sauce that you have 100% control over.

I don’t know how wide spread these are in the US as I never did much food shopping outside of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but they were one of my favorite things to pick up from the deli when I was a kid, and only recently did it occur to me that I could make them myself. They have been such a welcome alternative to ham sandwiches since my gallbladder issues started!

Below I’ve included the recipe for my homemade sauce and the method I use to combine it with a (lazy) store bought ready to roll pizza crust.

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Exploring The Exquisite Corpse

Over the past two years I have tried a lot of different sorts of mail art exchanges, and a few weeks ago while racking my brain for something new to try I remembered exquisite corpses.

An exquisite corpse is a drawing collaboration between two or more artists who don’t know what the other person’s contribution looks like until the full picture is revealed upon completion. I’ve wanted to try doing one with someone since I was about 18 years old but the opportunity never really came up.

As it happens I have a friend whose weird matches my weird and she can draw! Thankfully she was also up for giving it a try with me, and we’ve been sort of shamelessly addicted to creating exquisite corpses together ever since.

I started an instagram where I’ve been uploading our completed EC’s ( check it out for more examples) and I assume we’re just going to casually keep at it until we get bored or distracted!

Below I’ve included a few examples of our recent collaborations.

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